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How IFST just helped me boost my research?

Pedro's talk at EPNOE

Communicating your research among other scientists working in the same field and receiving good feedback in the form of an award is one of the best experiences I have ever felt. It is surely not an easy thing, but certainly it makes you feel like you are doing progress and that an academic career is […]

What is titanium dioxide and why has it been re-evaluated?

EFSA has updated its safety assessment of the food additive titanium dioxide (E-171), following a request by the European Commission in March 2020. The updated evaluation revises the outcome of EFSA’s previous assessment published in 2016, which highlighted the need for more research to fill data gaps. Prof Maged Younes, Chair of EFSA’s expert Panel […]

Mealworms declared safe for humans to eat


The European Union’s 27 nations gave the green light Tuesday to a proposal to put the Tenebrio Molitor beetle’s larvae (mealworms) on the market as a “novel food.”

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