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Fiber Fueled

Ads·Shop fiber fueled the plant based gut health program for losing weight restoring your health and optimizing your microbiome

Fiber Fueled is a bold new plant-based plan that challenges popular keto and paleo diets, from an award-winning gastroenterologist.

Science and cooking: physics meets food

Book Science and Cooking

“Science and Cooking: Physics Meets Food” will make you realize that you’ve been a scientist for a long time. In case you do not know, I am referring to the art of cooking, which is indeed based on basic physics laws.

What does the future taste like?

Book "A que sabe el futuro" by Pedro Rivero

So yes, today’s post is about my book. More than 1,000 days have passed since I decided to embark on this challenging but above all exciting adventure of being a book writer. “What does the future taste like?” is an easy to read and enjoyable book that faces issues relative to the food of the […]

Insects as food and feed

Book insects as food and feed

If you are addicted to steak and processed meats in the XXI century, you probably have been told that red meat is not as healthy as other protein-rich food items would be. If that is not the case and you are indeed a vegetarian, I bet some “experts” in nutrition have tried to convince you that […]

Dinner with Darwin

Dinner With Darwin

Who would refuse a dinner proposition like this? In Dinner with Darwin, researcher Jonathan Silvertown details the relationships between humans, our nutrition, and our environment through the lens of evolution. Dinner with Darwin, though, is not the average science book you would expect. Indeed, Silvertown expected foodies like us to read it, and structured the reading […]

Insects as sustainable food ingredients

Did you know that we, humans, are indeed insectivorous? This is perhaps the greatest irony of the cultural avoidance of edible insects. Dear reader, be ready because this book will demonstrate to you the feasibility and value of insects as a sustainable commodity for food.

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