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Learn how glass transition temperature is a key factor in frozen foods

Glass transition temperature of food

Frozen systems within the food industry rely strongly on the glass transition temperature (Tg‘) in order to maintain their quality in fresh-like conditions and expand storage life. In this post, we will learn how this value is key to food scientists and how it allows the identification of the stability of food quality during processing […]

What is 1H-NMR and how cool is it for the food sector?

NMR in the food industry

Would you imagine being able to determine where a vegetable has been harvested, if it is fraudulent, or even genetically modified by just analysing a tiny amount of it? The truth is that, you actually can! Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is the way. In this article we will discuss how this physical phenomenon operates, and […]

Cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance?

mill consumption during infancy

When we think about milk, it’s difficult not to imagine a bowl of cereals or a simple glass of milk. However, have you ever wondered how many foods do also contain it? Milk and/or its components are widely spread across all kinds of foods. 

What is kombucha and why is it good for your gut


Who would argue that tea is not good for your health? Tea is, in fact, reported as the oldest medicine in history. Well, there’s something similar that’s even better, kombucha! Join me in this blog post to discover what is it, how is produced, and why is reported to be good for your gut.

What is furan and why is it in baby foods?

Furan in baby foods

Well, I don’t have a baby! Fine, but I’ll stop you there, dear reader, since furan is a cause of concern for everybody, and not only babies. Although a vital hazard to infants and babies, furan is still a toxic and carcinogenic compound to humans!

Meet the cold plasma technology

Cold plasma food processing

Can you imagine a technology capable of disinfecting surfaces, packaging, food contact surfaces or even food itself? Well, stop imaging. Cold plasma exists, is innovative, and offers some interesting benefits for the food sector.

Why do astronauts undereat while in space?

Astronaut Mars

Who in 2021 does not know about Elon Musk? It would probably be weird if so, because Elon, rather than a mind which is changing the world, is a trend. To agree on this, you just need to take a look at the memes that he continuously posts on his Twitter account or to the […]

Does viscosity always work the same?

Viscous material flowing

A proper milkshake, yoghurt, or fruit juice are simple instances of mass-produced food items that rely heavily on their viscosities to meet consumer expectations. For example, who would like liquified ketchup on top of their burgers? Probably nobody. Good ketchup should be viscous enough to be spreadable and palatable. Although viscosity might sound like a […]

How healthy is in fact the stevia sweetener?


Can you imagine a sugar that is actually healthy and not containing any calories? That’s what they say stevia is, a healthy alternative to sucrose or other artificial sweeteners such as saccharin. But is it as healthy and non-artificial as it has been reported to be in the media? Find in this blog post everything […]

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