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Book insects as food and feed

Insects as food and feed

If you are addicted to steak and processed meats in the XXI century, you probably have been told that red meat is not as healthy as other protein-rich food items would

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Dinner With Darwin

Dinner with Darwin

Who would refuse a dinner proposition like this? In Dinner with Darwin, researcher Jonathan Silvertown details the relationships between humans, our nutrition, and our environment through the lens of evolution. Dinner

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Viscous material flowing

Does viscosity always work the same?

A proper milkshake, yoghurt, or fruit juice are simple instances of mass-produced food items that rely heavily on their viscosities to meet consumer expectations. For example, who would like liquified

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Pedro Rivero

(BSc, PhD)


I am a Food Science PhD candidate wishing to communicate my knowledge in this field through this blog and my social media.

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